Water heaters and boilers require trained licensed plumbers for proper installation and servicing.
Installations are more complicated than meets the eye. Water heaters may never function as intended by being undersized or oversized. Over sized water heaters tend to waste energy. Undersized water heaters will not supply adequate hot water and be subject to premature failure.  
Improperly installed water heaters and boilers can considerably reduce the life span of entire hot water distribution systems.
Water Heaters and especially boilers represent a substantial investment sometimes costing more than a BMW. Many times routine maintenance is never performed on a heater. Would you drive your BMW and never change the oil?
Most importantly, improperly installed hot water heaters can be hazardous and even deadly. The evening news often reports on tragedies caused by improperly functioning water heating equipment.

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Throughout the years HHCC has Installed & Repaired many different types of Water Heaters and Boilers.We have the expertise, special equipment and experience needed  to Repair, Maintain, Replace or Install your  Water Heater or Boiler.  
It does not matter if you have just one heater or hundreds of heaters, HHCC will take care of your needs.